Japanese wood joints – corner splice joint – english

This tutorial shows how to make a corner splice joint, a traditional Japanese wood joint. This longitudinal wood joint is mainly used in interior fittings and carpentry.

The shown version can also be used for temporary and mobile purposes, as it is secured by a wedge and can be released again.
Thanks to the three-sided mounting, the load is distributed evenly over a large surface and long wood fibres. This Japanese wood joint can therefore cope with horizontal as well as vertical loads.

Workshops on the topic of Japanese joinery at DICTUM:

This DICTUM tutorial shows step by step how to produce this wood joint using Japanese tools:
– Marking the wood joint with the Japanese carpenter’s square (»Sashigane«)
– Sawing out the joint with Japanese saws (»Dozuki Universal«)
– Chiselling the slot for the wedge with Japanese chisels (»Nomi«)
– Finishing the surface with a Japanese plane (»Kanna«)

Tools used:
Shinwa Square »Sashigane«, 300 mm, Rigid

Dozuki Universal 240, Wooden Handle

Hattori Chisels (»Nomi«)

Smoothing Plane »Kanetomo Kanna«, Blade Width 50 mm

All the tools used are available from our DICTUM retail shops or online: https://www.dictum.com

Music »Emerge« by Alex under CC Attribution (3.0) @ http://ccmixter.org/files/AlexBeroza/30132


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