What makes a Japanese Hand Tools (Chisels) more Amazing & Incredible than the Western Variety?

What makes a Japanese Hand Tools (Chisels) more Amazing & Incredible than the Western Variety?

Japanese chisels are constructed of a forge welded blade. The blade is composed of a layer of hard steel, hagane, welded to soft iron or jigane. This structure forms the cutting edge and it’s support. This is the reason why Japanese chisels can be made with such hard steel edges.
Japanese chisels are tang chisels with a ferrule used to center and support the handle. The butt end of the handle is captured in a hoop. The hoop keeps the handle from splitting or deforming under pressure from repeated hammer blows.
Japanese chisels with a hoop are intended to be struck with a steel hammer, known as a genno. This hammer is specifically constructed for this use.
Japanese Chisels come in a variety of styles, usually based on their intended use. Our Chisels have laminated blades comprised of a thin bottom layer of very hard steel (either white or blue) and a top layer of soft steel, typically wrought iron. This hard steel/soft steel composition gives the tool a hard and durable cutting edge with shock resistance and the added strength of wrought iron. Most of our chisels are tanged and have a tapered ferrule where the tang enters the handle. If a chisel has a hoop, ring or ferrule (sagariwa) on top of the handle, it can be struck with a mallet. If no top hoop is present, the chisel is intended to be pushed by hand (not struck) and may have a longer handle to facilitate this hand use.

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