The Low Workbench 2.0 – A Mini Woodworking Bench with Lots of Features

Here is my new mini workbench, a combination of the first version and the lately planing board I did. Now it includes almost all the features I need in one tool, surface planing, against planing stops, or between bench dogs, straight edge planing, which can be used for both Western and Japanese planes, and a vise.
It can be either clamped to an existing table or bench, or can work well too above friction pads, when not too much force is needed.

Tools used in this video plus others I use and recommend:

• Saws
Dozuki Saw EU:
Kataba Saw
Ryoba Saw
Kugihiki, Flush Cutting Saw

• Planes
Veritas Low Angle Smoothing Plane
Stanley Low Angle Block Plane
Kunz No.101 Mini Plane
Japanese Planes: 58 mm 65 mm

• Measuring
Combination Squares 150mm: and 300mm:
Kebiki Marking Gauge
Mini Try Square
Mitre Square

• Misc
Bessey Kliclamps
Drill Press Stand

• Sharpening
Atoma Diamond #400
Shapton Waterstones
Veritas Honing Guide Mk.II
Cheap Honing guide

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