Big Box of Japanese Tools

Big Box of Japanese Tools

This is the first of four 30kg boxes of tools that have just arrived from Japan.

Some really cool stuff as you will see.

On the competition I can afford to give away a few tools but I can’t afford international postage. So internationally peoples I can send you your prize if you win with something you buy. Domestic peoples I can afford postage but it would be great if you bought something as well. No pressure though.

Here you can learn some tips on blade sharpening, saw sharpening and bringing old tools back into a life time of service. On this channel I’m going to show off my Japanese tools and do project videos where I predominantly use Japanese tools to make stuff. I like starting woodworking projects with a log so you will get to see my axes and ripping saws at work before we move on to nomi and ryoba.
“Chestnut_nag” is my handle on Ebay. Every month I bring in several boxes of tools from Japan. Some I add to my tool kit others I sell on Ebay, Facebook or directly to people who have asked me to track down something special.

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