The Big Monster Madonoko Saw | Craziest Hand Tool That Will Open Up Your Mind!

The Big Monster Madonoko Saw | Craziest Hand Tool You Should See

►Contact Information
土佐刃物流通センター (Tosa Center)
Address: Tosayamadacho Kamikaida, Kami, Kōchi Prefecture 782-0056, Japan
Phone: +81 887-52-0467

►Kiyoto Tanaka:

If you want Japanese tools, great tools for way cheaper than anywhere else, it’s the place to go. One small problem though….basically every seller will only sell within Japan. You need an agent. You can choose the official option, Buyee, but you will pay through the nose for the privilege, both in shipping and in associated incidental fees. A slightly cheaper option is to use…..

Murakami is the man and is a great guy, completely honest/truthful/helpful….the honourifics can go on, but he is a decent person. Be aware, though his English is good, it is a bit limited (although compared to my nonexistent Japanese….). He will find the cheapest options for shipping, advise on quality, and take a stab at what an item might sell for, so that you can best decide how much to bid. When you do bid, it will be a “sniper” bid, the only sane way that anyone should bid these things, so there will be no foolishness about escalating bid wars. Just decide what you are willing to spend and call it good.

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