The Asian Roubo Timber frame workbench, no nails, screws or glue, Japanese / Chinese joinery

Our new workbench uses Asian timber framing layout and joinery. Bench is constructed using some scrap pallet timbers (possibly Norway spruce?) gifted by a neighbor.

No nails, bolts, screws or glue of any kind are needed, just wood and wood joinery.

The best part of this method of building a bench is NO DIMENSIONING of the top or legs is needed at all, just a simple timber frame line rule layout, the same as we use for all our timber framing, assures joints come up true and tight. All the hours spent truing up the bench components are not needed, this is a HUGE benefit to those using hand tools especially.

Only thing needed is a quick flattening of the top once all is assembled.

Top is joined together with large 1″ dowels and 4″ thick end caps with draw bore pegged through tenons. Legs use a double sword tip tenon to join the bench top and Japanese style “nuki” beam braces for the stretchers.

Dimensions are roughly,

4×8 timbers for top
4×5 legs
1.5X5 stretchers
4×4 end caps

Knuckle high and 8′ long

Vise screws are flea market finds, 2″ diameter, fast and strong.


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