Setting Up an Inexepensive Japanese Plane

A brief video showing how I tune up a Kanna – Japanese Plane, inexpensive model (~60$), great for beginners, 50mm blade, bought from Dieter Schmid’s Fine Tools. I’m not so advanced in Japanese planes, still learning the craft and for sure exists out there more finesse settings to be applied, so feel free to comment below.

Some inexpensive similar planes found on amazon US. Didn’t try them yet, maybe I will get soon the 65 mm one to complement this one from video:
58 mm blade:
65 mm blade:

For documentation I’ve used the following books:
Japanese Woodworking Tools, Toshio Odate
Shoji and Kumiko Design vol.1, Desmond King

Sharpening tools:
Atoma Diamond #400
Shapton Waterstones
Veritas Honing Guide Mk.II
Cheap Honing guide

Other tools I use and recommend:
Dozuki Saw EU:
Ryoba Saw
Combination Squares 150mm: and 300mm:
Kebiki Marking Gauge
Mini Try Square
Mitre Square
Stanley Low Angle Block Plane
Veritas Low Angle Smoothing Plane
Veritas Mini Router Plane

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