【Kamakurabori】Experience of Japanese Traditional Crafts.

I’m going to introduce about Japanese Traditional crafts.
Today is Kamakura bori (Wood carving coated with lacquer) which has beautiful patterns and gloss.

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I think the services in Japan called “omotenashi” is only natural for us born and raised and live in Japan.
I would like to spread this Japanese sprits “omotenashi” to the world with “Japanese traditional crafts” and “services”.

I’m very interested in the world and went to USA, Israel, Mexico inspired how could I do for Japan and other countries.

This project is the first step for me.

I do feel that people lost the heart to think “love” in this generation occupied social net work.

There were merchants in “Omi” called “Omi shonin”(Omi merchants” played active around Japan in the Middle Ages. They said “Business will be ‘Sanpo Yoshi”. It means ‘Benefit for all the sides.Purchaser, Buyer, Society. I think this is right.

People increased that become violent by words, because people forget to love other people.

I think there are too much things in the world now a days,
I met so many engineer in the world and they say “There are no more new thing will be born.”.

Maybe we need to be back to the origin.

“Human” made the gap between the rich people and poor people.

Why can we exist? Because there are an earth and nature.

I think we need to thank to the natures and think how can we do for that.

What we are required is to get back “human spirits and hearts” in the world surrounded by desires.

I want this new project will be a good stimulus for you.
I will tell you about the spirits from Japanese traditional crafts. That is the origin of services.



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