Making a Sunrise Dovetail Joint

Tonight We will be making a sunrise dovetail joint. we will be doing the whole joint live. it may be a slightly longer live then normal, but we will get it done tonight as long as Youtube lets us!

00:00:00 James Wright: What are we going to do today?
00:14:00 S Ritchie: ​Would you ever consider doing a video on how to make a wooden spokeshave that holds the blade like a metal one?
00:15:00 Lucas Caceres: ​I have a question: how do you avoid to crack the wood when you assembly the joint?
00:16:00 Alan Smith: ​What bevel gauges are James using?
00:24:00 Adam Charles: ​Does he have a video of how he made that marking knife?
00:25:00 Adam Charles: ​Or a video on how he made his clogs….?
00:26:00 Judi Grass: ​Are they comfortable?
00:31:00 Tom​: Have you heard of Marda wooden hand planes? Supposedly German made but there is very little info on them around the internet.
00:32:00 Judi Grass: Regarding the sunrise dovetails. Would it work out to put a sunrise dovetail in the middle of a longer line of regular dovetails?
00:34:00 Frank Pace: ​How would you assemble all 4 sides of the sunrise dovetail box?
00:36:00 Noconz0727 MC: ​Can you ask James whatever happened to that box of antique planers I sent him?
00:38:00 Russ staples​: Why did you choose pauduk and white oak? They are hard to work with.
00:42:00 Cody Bryant: ​How do you like your bearkat saw I’m considering getting one?
00:43:00 Russ staples: ​How do u like the narex chisels?
00:44:00 Tyler Kimble​: What brand of chisel is the 1/8th in you are using?
00:48:00 Jonathan Vasquez​: Do you think dovetail jigs hinder you from learning?
00:50:00 Tim Cheatwood​: Does it matter what kind of file you use?
00:57:00 Noconz0727 MC​: What’s the angle on the sliding T Bevel?
00:59:00 Nathan Meadows: ​How long have you done woodworking?
01:01:00 Alan Smith​: My wife ask if you met James first in the O.R.?
01:03:00 Justin Stang: ​I’m confused. What would be a practical application for this joint? Or is it purely for decoration?
01:07:00 Tim Cheatwood​: Give the Wright ladies a rose vine to carve and incorporate the two carvings into a project, like a wall clock maybe?
01:08:00 Mark Lade​: Would this be easier with a Japanese saw?
01:11:00 Justin Stang: ​I think a video on Q&A covering different topics would be cool. Like a Q&A on dovetails, techniques.
01:16:00 Christopher Metzbower: ​How about a video on the proper way to care for and maintain your tools?
01:19:00 Ed Ratcliffe​: How about a video on how you design your pieces?
01:24:00 Tim Cheatwood​: You usually remove from the pins right or is it situational?
01:25:00 Cody Bryant: ​So is the sunrise dovetail stronger structurally than a standard dovetail?
01:28:00 Russ staples​: James I’ve got an idea for you to cover. When to use each different joint and why. (I.e. Dovetails for drawers)
01:29:00 th34lch3m1st​what’s the angles on that marking knife, I mean the angle of the diamond shape and the angle of the bevel?
01:30:00 Cody Bryant: Have you done a half-blind dovetail video?
01:32:00 Tim Cheatwood​: What are half blind/blind dovetails?


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