Go The Distance TV presents Japanese Master Wood Carving

Over the years I have produced and directed many television shows that have aired on public access TV and the internet. Many of them were produced under the name Go The Distance TV. Since the beginning the name of the shows have changed and new shows have been created. My vision has always been to feature ordinary people who have done extraordinary things with their lives. The hope is that by sharing their stories, others will come away inspired and motivated to find ways to “Go The Distance” in their own lives with the hope to inspire others in some way. Kind of playing it forward. However, that being said some of the shows are just fun. Interesting places visited and people meet. Cultures and personalities encountered. Sometimes just entertaining. I hope you enjoy these shows.

In this show from Japan you will meet Mr. Nobuyuki Takahashi a master wood carver (Sasano Ittobori). Nobuyuki-san has been carving Otakapoppo for 35 years now and highly recognized in Japan and around the world for his craftsmanship skills. Although Nobuyuki Takahashi pieces are simple, it takes a great deal of skill to create objects of the highest quality. His travels took him to Disneyland in Calif., on six different occasions, where his demonstrations were popular and onlookers were full of curiosity as they watched him create a bird with a layer of beautiful feathers using only his chisel and a log. We hope your inspired by Nobuyuki Takahashi skills.

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