Woodworking, The Art Of Tool Control, Chisels

In this Video, I show you how to control a chisel for fine work & I demonstrate chisel work on soft wood & hardwood, by parring the end grain & by reading the timber behaviour you can see that you can change your finish by changing direction, this is how I use my chisels for fine work which include all my joint work, made & fitted to perfection.

I am an Experienced Professional Craftsmen in all aspects of woodwork,
Professionally Competed in World Skills Australia & won 2 regional competitions, 1 National Competition & Placed 10th in the world when I competed in the World Skills international Competition held in Japan Shizuoka where I competed against 26 of the worlds best Cabinet Makers.

As a fine furniture Craftsmen I’ve created pieces over the years with only tools that I need, I don’t like to purchase tools & equipment that I will only use a few times in the course of my life’s work & the Key to becoming a Master is time, patience, practice & most importantly Passion.

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