Chisel 4 Tips for Cutting a Clean Mortise

Stop watching, start making!

Has this video made you want to create work of art on your own? I guess a person like you is not satisfied with only watching someone’s work. I guess what you really want to do is to enjoy the touch of wood, or to smooth the surface of a piece of timber with a hand plane, or to put the pieces together that you crafted by your own hands. Correct? Then go to

now. Through our step by step tutorial videos you will learn the essentials of Japanese woodworking and be able to craft whatever you want all by yourself, just like the pieces in your favourite videos. It’s time to stop watching. It’s time to start making.

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Tools used in the video
Carpenter square 300mm
Tsunehiro 18mm bench chisel
Hishikan daruma shape 675g

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